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Diesel Smart Power Module Information




New pump and injectors for your common rail diesel between $8,000 to $10,000 for most models.  Replace the engine $30,000 plus for most models. 

Most people these days when they buy a new turbo diesel car just automatically think when they want to make it go better I will buy a diesel chip for my car and there are plenty of people out there that will sell them one.  But what most people are only just beginning to understand is that diesel chips were designed and manufactured for EFI diesel pumps not the new common rail diesel. You may say what does it matter well I am here to tell you it matters a hell of a lot.

The diesel chips that are being fitted to the common rail diesels go to the pressure switch on the pump and the wiring loom at the pump.  What the chip than does is increase the fuel pressure going to the injectors to deliver more diesel to the engine therefore giving the engine more power.  What most people dont realise is the fuel rail pressure of the common rail diesel is in excess of 1,800 Bar or 26,000 psi. The reason for this is so that the diesel atomises better when it enters the cylinder.  When you fit the chip to a common rail diesel it increases the fuel pressure to the injectors 3,000 to 5,000 to 10,000 psi more depending on the programme in the chip (the more aggressive the programme in the chip is the better the car goes the worse it is for the injectors and the pump).  What is happening to the common rail diesels is when you increase the fuel pressure and not mechanically open the nozzle on the injector more, it is putting massive stress on the needle of the injector that it was never engineered for.  That is why we are seeing one common rail diesel after another failing when fitted with a chip because what is actually happening is it is fatiguing the end of the pin clean off the injector.  The injector then cuts a hole straight through the piston as though it was a water cutter cutting through steel.  This happens so fast that the customer will not even feel it until it is too late. 

Also ramping up fuel pressures that the pump was not engineered for puts the pump under huge stress.  We are seeing common rail diesel pumps failing after two years when being fitted with a diesel chip.  We have also seen common rail diesels that have been less than a year old fitted with a diesel chip and one of the injector pins have fatigued off and the vehicles have not done more than 30,000 kilometres.  This is extremely alarming for anyone who has a chip fitted to their common rail diesel.  In our opinion they would be mad not to have it removed immediately.  You might say that this is just scare mongering but all you have to do is talk to people in the diesel industry that are repairing these types of cars and you will fully understand the seriousness of the situation. You must also understand that we sell chips too.

There is a product out there that is called a module. It is not as well-known as its cousin the diesel chip because it has not been around for very long as it was designed and engineered specifically for the use on the new common rail diesels. But as time moves on people will only talk about modules for their diesels and diesel chips will be a thing of the past. The Diesel Smart Module plugs directly into each individual injector it electronically controls the injector downstream from the ECU. 

The Diesel Smart Module collects the signal from the ECU as it comes into it then sends out via a high speed processor the new signal that will control the injector. With a module we are not increasing fuel rail pressures at all they stay the same.  We are mechanically through electronics controlling the injector as it was designed to be.  This gives us huge advantages over a chip. With the Diesel Smart Module we can change injection timing, pulse width, pulse time, diesel delivery and so on giving the user genuine fuel savings and genuine safe power increases. 

The Diesel Smart Module is fully programmable which means that it can have programmes designed and built for your specific needs.  It is also smart enough to carry four different programs in it. This opens a whole new world to the customer basically you have four modules in one.  Customers can choose at will between an economy tune, a tow tune, a more aggressive tow tune and an all-out power tune.  Combined with Diesel Smart integrated EGT system, Diesel Smart backs their modules with a full engine and drive train warranty whilst the car is still under factory warranty.  This warranty comes with badging to suit, build plate with vehicle information engraved onto it which is then fitted to the vehicle for warranty tracking purposes from that time on. 

So you can see that The Diesel Smart Module and Diesel Smart EGT systems are specifically designed to suit the new common rail diesel and they are the only company to back it with a full drive line warranty with a trackable warranty build plate.  Thats the sort of confidence that we all need on our cars. 

Module is fully programmable.Diesel Smart Module
Holds 4 individual programs that the customer can change at will.
Module fuel is adjustable upto 30% +/-
Has full control of Diesel Pump
Can Control Boost (Super
Diesel Smart only)
Includes a range of Defenders (Super Diesel Smart)
Customer has the ability to adjust fuel at will.
Module plugs directly into each injector.
Module changes injection timing, not rail pressure (like a chip)
Module gives significant & real fuel savings (unlike a chip)
Up to 20% improvement in Fuel Economy.
Tuned for Australian Fuels.
Module can be moved from one car to another without having to be reprogrammed.
Diesel Smart modules have total control over the entire injector including Injection Timing, Pulse, Width & Current.
Over  40% gain in Power and Torque.
The very latest in advanced digital technology.
Experience the smoothest power delivery & performance.  
Simple plug-in installation IN MINUTES!
INSTANT results!
High quality RoHS compliant modules are made in Germany.
Gold plated module connector contacts.
Australian owned company.
10 year warranty.
30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee

Can I try before I buy?

You can try the Diesel Smart Power Module, by visiting one of our national franchises.

Here for no charge we will quickly fit the Diesel Smart Power Module to your car (it only takes 5 minutes!), and go for a drive with one of our team members with you so you can see the way in which your car responds.  If after that you don't want to buy the system we will equally quickly take it out, and you will be on your way.

There is no charge for this service; you just need to make an appointment to visit one of our Supercar Performance and 4x4 Accessories national franchises.

Difference between a Chip and a Module

Diesel Chip
A diesel chip is basically a simple resistor which increases or decreases the amount of current that the ECU of the car sees from the fuel rail pressure switch. When the ECU sees that the current has changed, it will increase the diesel pressure to the injectors, therefore forcing more diesel into the engine creating more power. The downside to this is that the diesel is being injected at the same time as the standard injection timing is set at. This means that you will not gain any more fuel economy, but will gain power; this is known to be a fact throughout the industry.  Because the Injection timing is not being changed as more fuel is being injected there is less time to burn, so fuel is being wasted.

Diesel Module
A diesel module is like an ECU, it controls each injector, it can change Injection Timing, Pulse, Width & Current. We can increase & decrease the amount of diesel going into the engine by controlling the injector properly as we inject more diesel into the engine, we can change the injection timing, giving the diesel more time to burn it, resulting in more power, we can also optimize the injection timing for factory fuelling resulting in better fuel economy.

Diesel Chips
have been around for a long time and are basically just a resistor, Diesel Modules are the future in common rail diesel engines, anyone considering a chip for their common rail engine would be MAD  not to investigate the benefits of a module; Modules are far superior and more advanced than any chip on the market today.

The new  Super Diesel Smart  power module is able to control the Injectors, the fuel pump, boost and they also have a range of defenders that are able to control the engine, these modules are the most advanced on the market and have been developed by Diesel Smart for Australian conditions.
Diesel Smart modules are able to hold four different fuel maps that can be custom tuned to each customerís individual needs and also include fine tuning of up to 30% +/-.

Why does it work?
The question we are often asked,
Why dont the manufactures optimize the engines fuel settings from the factory?
... well, the cars are developed with future performance increases in mind, for example the original humble VW/ Audi 1.9 TDi engine produced 50kw, then 60kw, then 74kw, then 81, then 96kw, then 110kw from the same basic engine. The manufacturers allow for 10 years of development at the design stage, itís a multimillion dollar project to get a new engine from R&D to production. So at most stages of development, modern diesel engines have unlocked potential.
 Why use a Diesel Smart Power Module vs. any other type of modification?  
These plug in tuning systems that are developed are designed for easy and discreet use. The unit can be installed/uninstalled at will.
The engine does not know the system is in use. The unit is downstream of the ECU (electronic control unit) and has no interaction with it. The unit can be adjusted by the end user for overall power gain by adjusting the fuel up or down by upto 30%, it also has four individual maps that can be swapped at will. This gives the ability to have Four modules in one. For example, you can have one map focused on Fuel Economy, one focused on Torque for Towing, one focused on All Out Power and so on, the choice is yours. It can be removed and sold if required, remaps/chips etc have none of those features, and no additional performance either. Your Diesel Smart module can be removed from your Hilux and reprogrammed and fitted to your new Pajero, Triton, Prado, Navara etc. This is unique to Diesel Smart giving you the ability to resell the module or fit it to your new car. The system can of course be removed prior to any service or repair work undertaken by your dealer.

Fully adjustable Diesel Smart Power Module:
Max figures show the power your vehicle can produce when using a higher setting. Power adjustments are easy and optional; this is fully explained in instructions supplied.
The Power Module will be programmed with standard settings for the best mix of performance and fuel ecconomy. This can be easily adjusted and is explained in the instructions.

 What is the Diesel Smart Power Module?
A plug in digital computer programming module for turbo diesels, which can be easily removed at any time (i.e. when the vehicle goes for a service)
What does it do?
The Power Module increases power and torque by over 40% with an added benefit of an average of 10% fuel saving.
How is it fitted?
It plugs into the manufacturers existing connectors on the engine and can be self fitted (it is designed for this purpose)
What about warranty if I install Diesel Smart in my car? 
Most car manufacturers and importers don't exactly love module/ chip tuning.
Why did the manufacturer not offer tuning in the first place?
Put simply, your vehicle's intended performance is restricted because car manufacturers have to allow for models variants that often use the same engine mechanicals with adjusted power figures. As well as this many countries around the world relate their tax levels to the power output of a vehicle.
Do I get any Warranty?
All Diesel Smart products carry a 10 year Warranty and 30 Day money-back guarantee.


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Diesel Smart Technology

Diesel Smart Technology

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